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IO Video Production: Image film & commercials

IO video production for commercials and social media is top insights today! Video Marketing has far outstripped all other forms (Pring, Billboard, etc.) in the budgets. No matter if it is a commercial for the Superbowl or the Facebook clips for regional supermarkets. But how does the planning, organization, conception of commercials work? This article summarizes all aspects. If you’re looking for an agency for your next corporate video or commercial, then IO is the place for you.

Core business and creative laboratory

Used to the point: We pass on valuable experience, give detailed advice and provide impulses for creative and effective advertising and image films and take care of the entire conception, organization and production planning. We look forward to your inquiry

Insights! Video production from A-Z

You would like to know everything about creating videos? We start directly after the overview and the next video!

Video production: Overview

  1. Storytelling: history, emotions and impact chains
  2. The Process – first contact, briefing and brainstorming
    First Contact – initial discussion and ideas development with the agency
    Pre-Production: Video shoot preparation of storyboard, equipment and team
    Production – production process and high end equipment
    Post-Production: Video sifting, editing and editing
  3. Video Agency / Commercial Productions: Your video production and marketing experts
  4. Brand Video – Image film as a basis for media attention
  5. Commercials for TV / cinema / streaming portals and online marketing
  6. Social Media Videos: virality and advertisements
  7. Video Marketing and Production: References and portfolio
  8. Promotional Videos: B2C, B2B and Focus POS (Point of Sale)
  9. Staff Training Videos: Positive image and PR
  10. Videos For Your Website: Image film for your own website
  11. Explainer Videos: Product presentation with explanation
  12. Event Coverage: Accompany trade fairs, concerts and events
  13. Tutorials and How-To Videos: Personal explanations from bloggers
  14. Special Effects (CGI): Real cinema moments through video effects
  15. Client Testimonials / Employee Profiles: Customers videos for confidence building
  16. Corporate: 100% identity and recognition
  17. Industrial: production facilities and warehouses
  18. Medical & Healthcare: Brand building for public relations
  19. Photography: Photographers recommendations for advertising and products
  20. Expertise: Image film, commercial, product film … IO Video Production does it

Storytelling: Plan history, emotions and impact chains

The big story or the little thread? Storytelling in particular determines the quality of a video in the production process. Are the spectators there for 3 seconds and drop you off right away, are you watching the whole spot or even better, are you telling friends, work colleagues or the family about the promotional clip?
Whether you have large-scale commercials and productions or small social media clips that are produced relatively quickly depending on the social network, virality also plays a major role here. The better the story of a video clip is told, the more direct and appealing the entry into the story is, the more catchy the commercial will be. Viewers will remember, share the video clip and tell others about it.

But how do you create such a story?

Depending on the area, actuality or content of the film, from brand advertising to product presentation or even explanatory videos, the stories of the individual video clips differ greatly. As an agency, you pay particular attention to implementing the special wishes of the customer, so that the advertising film in the end also corresponds to what the customer has imagined. After all, as an agency for advertising film and image film, we realize the ideas of the client with a pinch of know-how and expertise. Before we get to the process, the first meeting of pre- and post-production, first the important thing: the story!

Conception of the story: This is how successful image films and commercials are created

Already in school, we learned in essays that we should keep a “common thread”. Also in videography, the common thread is one of the special components that ultimately wrap the video clip in such a way that the brand message or the marketing message arrives at the consumer or the viewer. Before each production therefore an analysis of the customer is made as well as of the needs but also the goals as well as the target group. All the different fields are grouped in a matrix to find the synergies and intersections where the story can connect. Thus, we first connect first points of intersection, in order to draw conclusions from it, which symbolics and which pictures awaken with the viewer the correct emotions. Let’s summarize again:

  1. Customer analysis – who / what is packed in the film?
  2. Needs of (end) customers – what do you want?
  3. Goals of the customer – Which goals should be set and achieved?
  4. Target Group – Who should be advertised?
  5. Synergies and points of intersection – which similarities do all actors have?
  6. Emotions and history: 15 minutes or 15 seconds?

Whether a 10-minute company presentation or the 15-second Facebook clip, stories and emotions generate interest and let us – as a spectator – stay there. How does the situation dissolve? Will our “hero” make it? Our “hero” can be the messenger, who rushes through the city traffic to bring the food delivery punctually on the doorstep or the car, driven in the highest mountain peaks, with room for the entire family, all come well, the campfire burns.

Do not you want the same feeling?

Through this methodology, the video production approaches in advance (pre-production), that is, during the planning and conception, an accurate picture that should emerge when our viewers see the finished commercial. As a result, we arouse emotions as well as needs, which are then fulfilled by the respective product, service or brand. The result is storytelling from the various areas around the target group, the needs of the customer but also the goals of the client, as well as the modern media that are available (cross-media), from the well-known TV, to streaming portals but also the social Networks around YouTube, Facebook, Musically and Instagram. As an agency for commercials you look at the special conditions and the current market, as well as the future forecasts.

The Process – first contact, briefing and brainstorming

The process covers a variety of areas, from initial contact to finished video production on post production and delivery in various formats and scales. Depending on requirements and wishes, the approach in film production, as narrated in storytelling, is very multifaceted. At first, however, everything is limited to the first contact and the first briefing, what is it about?

  1. For which brand is produced?
  2. What does the brand want to promote?
  3. Is it a product that appears new or an existing product that is being extended?
  4. In which countries will the film be published?
  5. In which languages ​​will the film be published?
  6. Which media are desired for publication?
  7. How much budget is available for production?
  8. Which video lengths and formats are expected by the customer?
  9. Which contents should be transported?
  10. Is it part of a larger campaign?
  11. Is the commercial film the main medium or “only” part of the campaign?
  12. What needs does the product / brand fulfill?
  13. Are there competing products?
  14. How is the target group (demographic characteristics) defined?
  15. What wishes and needs does this target group have?

All these questions are raised on first contact.

First Contact – initial discussion and ideas development with the agency

At the first briefing on the upcoming video production, we talk to our customers about the parameters mentioned in the new video campaign. As a rule, the conversation is initially limited to a 30-minute meeting – after which you let the impressions take effect and subconsciously develop initial frameworks for the concept. In this 30-minute kick-off talk, you have a quick overview of the company, or about the products and services, which especially helps the creative director to get a first unobjective picture of the project. Likewise the wishes of the customer are noted, they are particularly important for the planning and the first thoughts. The third important point is the target audience, is it an existing demographic crowd, or is it a new address for potential customers who are not currently connected? From these three parameters, the first ideas can now be generated how a possible campaign can be implemented. The ideas then lead to a first customer briefing by roughly presenting the concepts. Therein is not only the content of the film or the different versions but also the chain of effects. The easiest way to compare this with the storyboard. Here is shown step by step what will happen in each scene of the final advertising clip.

Impact chain and storyboard: visual language and video concept

In small, square boxes on paper or in PDF format every single important scene is named. In addition, it is shown at which moments the emotional effect is achieved. As a rule, one has to pay particular attention in the advertising film that the first moment is sitting. As a rule, this should be in the first two to three seconds. This time frame has not only been proven in classical studies, the new media (such as Youtube and Facebook) rely on these factors.

  • On Facebook, if you count on ads, impressions from the third second,
  • on YouTube, the video ADS skip from 5 seconds,
  • Instagram also counts an impression from the third second in the video.

If you have not reached the consumer here, you will still be hard to penetrate. Therefore, especially the entry into the videos must work well and take the viewer directly!
Of course, the prior planning of promotional videos saves a lot of time in later production and makes the effect of videos more efficient. This will allow you to gain more sales but also generate more reach, which is why most companies invest in a good video production company that has been recommended to you. Thanks to numerous recommendations, we were also able to gather great reference projects within a short space of time, which we unite in our portfolio. As an agency for video production, we stand for quality, innovative media and the service of full trust. Our customers often give us a free hand for production so we can get the most out of them. In close consultation, we then design the parameters but also the storyboards, as just described. If everything is planned and defined, it goes into the production of the videos!

Pre-Production: Video shoot Preparation of storyboard, equipment and team

After the conception of the film, one comes now to the final preparation. All agreements were made and that first storyboard was approved by the customer. In the following step, all concrete preparations are made. The storyboard will no longer be in its conceptual form, but will be worked out once more in detail. Based on the detailed storyboard you can now also plan the team members.

Team planning in video production: model, make-up artist, stylist, etc.

The typical team in a video or commercial film production does not only include the videographer and the agency as well as the customer, but also various actors on the set. The more complex the production, the more people are involved in such production. As a rule, apart from product videos, you definitely need a model.

Booking models: Advertising models for filming and rights of use

For every video you need a suitable face that matches the brand but also to the message that should be conveyed. Models are absolute professionals in their field and have through their many years of experience with photo shoots and commercial production a sense of how to create planned emotions controlled. At the push of a button they can show that they have a certain “need”, that they rejoice, that they develop mourning, that they show affection. Especially in an elaborate production, such a professional model is worth gold!
Models not only ensure that the emotions are transported perfectly and that the campaign looks good, they also ensure a good mood on the set. Their professionalism and positive charisma make for a generally good mood, which also speeds up production and raises results to a higher level. In the end, however, you do not only take care of booking the model, but also the rights of use and the work with modeling agencies.
Are you looking for the perfect model for your brand or your new product video? We have the best contacts to model agencies and management in the whole world. This will allow us to create video productions for hotels in Asia, as well as travel videos to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the dream beaches of the world, from Tenerife to Malibu. Through our network, we not only have the perfect models for every location in the world, but also the entire handling of usage and performance rights. This makes us an interesting partner as a film producer too, if we should take care of everything! Besides the perfect advertising model, you also need a make-up artist or hair and make-up artist.

Booking make-up artists: Hair and Make Up Artist for perfect video sequences and close-up

Even when booking make-up artist we take care of everything, rely on our service and we organize experts in hair and make-up. In addition, you need the perfect clothes for many shoots, the outfit has to sit! Therefore, to book a hair and make up artist, the organization comes to the stylists.

Booking stylists: outfit, accessories and harmonious color

Stylists are on the set so that outfit, accessories & jewelery sit perfectly. They make sure that everything goes well apart from hair and makeup on the model. Finding good stylists is not so easy, because the job is very demanding and requires good contacts. However, we are happy to help you find the perfect stylist with our contacts.

Photographers booking: recommendation for good product and advertising photographer

If an elaborate video production is already organized, it is often advisable for companies to directly book a photographer. On this one day, many people are on site and already organized, photographers can perfectly capture those moments as “backstage” or “behind the scenes” shots. This picture material can be used not only for own PR measures or press, but of course also for social networks, as well as on the own company website, thereby one has beaten two birds with one stone directly. If the set is organized intelligently, photo and video production can even take place in parallel. This is often worthwhile especially for companies from the travel industry but also from the fashion industry, eg. in the photography and videography of travel catalogs or advertising films for travel or lookbooks in the fashion industry. The resulting image material is versatile, a perfect complement to the shoot. So our recommendation for video productions is to book directly with an experienced photographer.

We take care of your team as well as your video production

All of these plans are complex, but as we draw on many years of experience, as well as an extremely large network of photographers, videographers, make-up artists, make-up artists, stylists and many more, we can quickly and easily produce perfect video results even for complex productions help! After the pre-production, the entire planning, we have everything now! Now it starts, the big production!

Commercial Production – production process and high end equipment

In the following step we go into the production of the commercial. Depending on the size of the production, everything is organized on one day, spread over several days or even on different dates, with short break times. Especially for transnational productions, eg. when production is due in the US, plus a flight to Canada and Europe, such a production stretches. Of course, as an agency you try to bring in your expertise directly in order to make the most efficient ways possible. This saves time but also costs for the customer. This is always the highest priority for us as an agency. The location was already visited in advance and prepared for production. On the day of production, you as a customer are on site to take everything away. We also always recommend that a person is on site. This allows a direct insight into the production and also a direct influence on the image and video material.

Production process: Location, look and teamwork

At the beginning of each production, the team gathers to discuss the final details. Then the models are prepared by the make-up artist, while videographers prepare the set with helpers and assistants. On some sets the whole day is produced, others change the location. With well-organized technology and high-quality equipment, all productions are done quickly – preparation is everything! Depending on the production then also technical devices are used. Here is just an overview of the most important devices of current productions.

Gimbal: Quiet camera shots for breathtaking scenes

With the gimbal camera shots can be simulated, which used to be elaborately made with rail technology. This technique stabilizes the camera and lets the videographers work freely. In short, the gimbal replaces the classic rail system. Camera shots are very smooth (smooth) even though the videographer is running or even running alongside the actor or model. Such recordings are needed z.b. slow camera shots for the automotive industry but also production for sports manufacturers, eg. when the runner starts jumping. The cameraman starts at the same moment and captures the pictures. In the past, complex and expensive rail systems had to be installed, today it is sufficient to have a high-quality gimbal for production. How should I look a high-quality camera ride, you see z.b. here, despite rocks and cliffs, just rides without wobbling.

Sony Camera: High end picture and video quality for commercials

Most video productions do not require huge cameras today, processors and chips have become so small that size hardly has any relevance. Modern camera technology can be packed in extremely small housings. 80% of our recordings are currently produced by Sony Equipment. In this way, we guarantee our customers first-class camera quality and high brilliance in the pictures. This is especially important for customers who pay attention to high quality material. And that’s what you pay attention to, right?
After the production is done, all materials on memory cards are backed up twice. In the following it goes back to the agency to make the production of the video. In post-production you have three big steps:

  1. Viewing the video material
  2. Editing and editing the video material
  3. Change loops of the customer

Now let’s take a closer look at the post production of commercials. Again, depending on the complexity of the matter, that is from the small advertising film for Facebook, the designed to 10 seconds to the image film that runs for 15 minutes and is used for press, PR and internal use. In summary, post production can be described in this way.

Post-Production: Video sifting and Editing

In this last step of the video production it is about sighting, editing and changes, in agency circles also the “change loop”. First, we start with the sifting of the material from the different cameras.

Sighting of the material

Even when viewing the material of the video production, a good videographer pays off immediately. He still has all the cuts in his head, sequences and the different cameras that were used. All the material is now merged and spotted on the best scenes, these are stored in extra tracks and sequences, as in a classical were economic analysis, after A, B and C material.

Cutting the videos

After the material has been spotted and divided into the different categorizations, start the cutter by cutting the material. Different video sequences are joined together and depending on the complexity of the video (final product) still filled with text or with animated logos or fonts or explanations. Cutting is a relatively time-consuming and complex process, but with good production, much has been clarified and organized in advance. Ideally, this will allow the cut to be kept to a minimum so that you can get into the first loop of change with the customer as quickly as possible. The rough cut first shows a first version, which is the basis for further processing and modification. First, the customer should make an overview, so that the rough cut is approved. Only now the videos are finally put together and configured when it comes to light but also all other important settings and configuration of the video material. At the end, the cutter will produce different formats and versions. Why?
There are various streaming platforms, including TV, cinemas, the entire online world and of course social networks. It will display video generated by HTML5 animation or banner ads for other online stores in GIF format. Likewise, individual formats for Instagram but also or other versions, faster and sleeker for Facebook, while another version for YouTube goes long, about 12 minutes.

Change requests and editing

If everything goes well after the customer’s change loops, all of these different formats are exported and subsequently provided to the customer. The fact that the media can be used across networks increases the success of the videos. It increases the reach, hence the interaction and, ultimately, the sales results or the desired results of the campaign.

Questions about Conversion Optimization for Videos?

In all these questions and topics, we advise you as a competent and honest contact person. We look forward to your inquiry and ideas as well as the common implementation!

Video Agency / Commercial Productions – Your video production and marketing experts

Promotional videos, commercials, from New York to Berlin to Tokyo, a huge topic for everyone! Advertising follows us in the inner cities, on the radio, in magazines, on television, in the cinema, on the notebook, on the mobile phone, on the tablet, everywhere! If you notice, you win new customers and you are in the market over your own competition. That’s why commercial video is so popular with businesses and corporations because it plays on streaming portals, on YouTube, or on other networks, and regional, national and international companies are all in favor of commercials. Videos are something for everyone!
Prepared in various facets and for the different target groups, videos ensure that products enter the market and find their buyers, whether financed by advertising or through virality (word of mouth), all by themselves. Film is the Alpha and Omega today! In particular, with the extremely increased bandwidths of mobile technologies, videos are available from anywhere. Even when hiking, in nature, you can stream YouTube videos. This extreme advantage is exploited by innovative companies and companies for new buyers and new target groups. The variety of videos is very large, from image film on the lookbook, to advertising and explanatory film. Marketing & Advertising can also bring many ways to the world. Becoming a topic of conversation is the big goal of companies. Our agency will help you to become a topic of conversation.
If you want to find out more about the various forms of the advertising film, we will briefly show you the most important representatives at a glance.

Brand Video – Image film as a basis for media attention

Brand videos are pretty much the cornerstone of any company, idea or product. More about: Brand Video & Image film

Commercials for TV / cinema / streaming portals and online marketing

Commercial videos, ie commercials, are the absolute classic for companies. Whether on TV or in modern social networks like YouTube. Read more about: Commercials

Social Media Videos

From brand video, the jump to the commercial video is already far, from 3 to 15 minutes to only 30 to 60 seconds. Diversity is just as big in social networks. Read more about: Social Media Videos

Video production for YouTube

Producing videos for YouTube, as mentioned above, has a longer attention span than in the other social networks. Depending on the concept of the video, you can go from 3 to 12 minutes. Read more about: Video production for Youtube

Video production for Facebook

In relation to YouTube, Facebook offers a maximum attention span of 30 seconds, but the first three to five seconds are crucial. Read more about: Video production for Facebook

Video production for Instagram

For Instagram video content is even shorter cut than for Facebook. Read more about: Video production for Instagram

Video Marketing and Production: References and portfolio

Video Marketing is more diverse today than ever! From brand video, to unboxing, to the explanatory video, so employee recruiting video, positive customer experience, video marketing is incredibly diverse! Together with our customers, we implemented almost all areas of image film to commercials.

Promotional Videos: B2C, B2B and Focus POS (Point of Sale)

So far we have been focusing on B2C media, now we are moving to B2C in the mix with B2B and POS. Read more about: Promotional Videos

Staff Training Videos: Positive image and PR

Employee training is also an important issue for large companies when it comes to time efficiency. Read more about: Staff Training Videos

Videos For Your Website: Image film for your own website

Placing videos on your own website is easy. More and more companies use their own website to bring image film specifically to the anyway interested visitors. Read more about: Videos For Your Website

Explainer Videos: Product presentation with explanation

Explanation videos are extremely popular nowadays! Let’s take a look at the bloggers who today bring millions of fans together. Read more about: Explainer Videos

Event Coverage: Accompany trade fairs, concerts and events

Concerts, fairs but also any other form of events are planned and designed by the team. Read more about: Event Coverage

Tutorials and How-To Videos: Personal explanations from bloggers

As with the explanatory video, tutorials & how-to videos deal with a specific competent. Read more about: Tutorials and How-To Videos

Special Effects (CGI): Real cinema moments through video effects

With small animations and special effects you can upgrade videos directly! Read more about: Special Effects (CGI)

Client Testimonials / Employee Profiles: Customers videos for confidence building

Who is behind the company? With employee videos and testimonials you can show how your employees and your customers think. Read more about: Client Testimonials / Employee Profiles

Corporate: 100% identity and recognition

You want your business to present your company or your production in the right light? We help you with great ideas for your next corporate video implementation. Read more about: Corporate Videos

Industrial: Production facilities and warehouses

Companies often do not have the same media attention as other companies. The focus is on brands, but it’s also worth taking a look behind the scenes. Read more about: Industrial Videos

Medical & Healthcare: Brand building for public relations

For companies in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, we pay particular attention to the factual and informative presentation. Read more about: Medical & Healthcare Videos

Photography: Photographers recommendations for advertising and products

Are you looking for the perfect photographer? Of course, our agency also helps you with the mediation of photographers. Read more about: Photographers recommendations

Expertise: Image film, commercial, product film … IO Video Production does it

Our expertise and experience in video production goes back years: events, fairs, music videos, fashion, travel, we have produced a lot and let our experience and know-how, from all these productions, flow into every new project. As a result, video productions of our agency are well planned, tightly organized and implemented quickly. Especially in the fast implementation, many of our customers see the advantage in our agency. Not only do we pass on valuable experience, provide detailed advice and impulses, but we also provide the entire conception, organization and production planning for our customers, so videos are handed over after production to the turnkey ready for the various formats. Our creative team, videographers and photographers stand for quality and satisfaction as well as performance and efficiency.

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